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10 Cool and Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without by Frank LaMark

Filed in Kitchen Remodeling by on June 9, 2016 0 Comments • views: 563

It may sound a bit unbelievable, but time spent in the kitchen can actually be enjoyable, and maybe even fun says Frank LaMark, if you have the right tools. From making breakfast to slicing fruit, these cool and useful kitchen gadgets are sure to help get things cooking.

Take pancake making to the next level with a pancake pen. Write words, draw shapes, or simply step up your perfect circle pancake game with this batter dispensing gadget.

If you can’t spare a second to slice your banana, a banana slicer will provide you with perfectly even slices every time. Toss them in a fruit salad or hand them to a teething toddler, banana eating has never been easier.

Bland burgers got you down? Try a hamburger stuffer and begin filling your patties with cheeses, seasonings, and any other surprises you can cook up.

A self-twirling spaghetti fork can make your next pasta night a breeze, with pain free noodle twirling. The fork does all the hard work, all you’re left to do is enjoy!

Frank LaMark points out separate eggs in seconds with an egg separator. Whether it’s the egg whites or yolks you desire this gadget will get the job done sans the usually yolky mess.

Looking to cut carbs? A spiralizer can easily turn your favorite vegetables into delicious and nutritious noodles in no time. Raw or cooked, vegetable noodles are fun way to eat healthier.

Frank Lamark

Frank Lamark

Whether you add your cereal before or after the milk, a never soggy cereal bowl may solve this dilemma once and for all. Get the crunch you crave with a compartmented cereal bowl that allows for the desired milk to cereal ratio in every bite.

Slicing onions doesn’t have to be sad, or difficult, with an onion slicer that helps keep this round and rolling vegetable in place while also guiding your knife for more even slices.

A hands-free bag holder can help an otherwise flimsy bag stay upright while you fill it with whatever your heart and tastebuds desire.

Buttering your corn will never be the same, once you’ve used a butter spreader. Each kernel will be coated to perfection, and no more struggling with a butter knife means more time for nibbling.

It’s time to take your kitchen up a notch by introducing these cool and useful gadgets into the mix! Author Frank LaMark




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