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Bio of Frank LaMark

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Frank LaMark is a contributing author on the kitchen & bath industry. He has been a member of the cabinet industry for 12 years and a member of the NKBA – National Kitchen & Bath Association, NARI – National Association of the Remodeling Industry and NAHB – National Association of Home Builders. First starting off in the retail world of kitchen & bath he opened 3 very successful stores in the Chicago area with over 40 designers between all stores. Frank has now became the manufacture and distributor of his own line of RTA cabinets that wholesales to retail kitchen establishments and home builders all over North America. Recently Frank has branched out into the educational writing teaching prospective clients how to start their own kitchen & bath stores and more importantly how to become more profitable selling to their clients.

Frank LaMark illinois

Frank LaMark illinois

What Makes New Kitchen Cabinets?
We all want the value of our homes to keep going up, but sometimes it is a hard thing to accomplish. This is because remodeling can be very expensive, and the labor involved, can be hard and time consuming. And If you are thinking about hiring a contractor to do the work for you, then the expense will extremely go up. But there is another way that will make the value to your home go up, and that is installing new cabinets in your kitchen, or bathroom. These cabinets are also very, very easy to install and it can be done with the use of a small screw driver. These cabinets look absolutely beautiful when installed. Your kitchen will look like a lovely picture in a magazine.”The cost of new high quality cabinets, can be very high” Frank Lamark Illinois states, but at RTA Cabinets, you can get the best discount cabinets ever, that are so elegant and look absolutely beautiful in your kitchen or bathroom. The styles and colors that Cabinet Direct has, will add great value to your homes equity and installing is so easy for the home owner, and the directions are easy to read and use. You can have you cabinets installed in no time at all. With there fast delivery you can have your cabinets with in a couple of weeks. The prices of these cabinets are so much lower than other available brands. These cabinets are made especially with the highest grade of plywood available and were created to last for years upon years. Cleaning the cabinet surfaces is as easy as one, two, three.One of the greatest things about these fantastic cabinets, is that they are completely safe on the worlds environment. And this is certainly a value in itself. Purchasing new discount cabinets is an easy way to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. And the cost will be low when purchasing from Cabinet Direct. They also like to make sure that there customers are completely satisfied, and that is why they supply very high quality cabinets, at affordable prices. If you are on a budget then this is the best place to buy your new kitchen cabinets.

Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets

Consumers can purchase a number of quality products when shopping. When it comes to the various products you can purchase, one of the most practical products you can purchase is kitchen cabinets. With this particular product you can get something that will help increase the value of your home, store numerous items and also improve the appearance of the home. The retailer known as Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry offers a high quality selection so you will be able to choose from a number of options. Another thing about this retailer is that they specialize in offering inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Therefore you can get this particular products at a very low cost.One of the things that make the inexpensive kitchen cabinets a great choice for consumers is the fact that they come with solid plywood construction and are also carb 2 compliant.

Frank Michael Lamark

Frank  Michael Lamark

This means that the cabinets are made out of a very durable material which will enable the consumer to have an item that will last for a very long time. With the products being carb 2 compliant, they are also environmentally friendly and safe for the home as well. These are just two of the benefits offered by inexpensive kitchen cabinets offered by Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry.Another notable benefit offered with inexpensive kitchen cabinets is the fact that they are quite easy to install. Unlike other kitchen cabinets which are very complicate and take a long time to put together, the products of Frank Lamark Michael and Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry allow consumers the opportunity to easily put together and assemble the cabinets. All you will need is a screw driver and you will be able to construct the high quality cabinets.When shopping for inexpensive kitchen cabinets you will have a wide selection from Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry. With a number of different styles and colors, you will be sure to get the product you need to help enhance the value of your home. Since numerous styles and colors each suit a home individually, you will benefit by having a large selection so that you will have the means to find the product that is most compatible for your home. Once you choose the product of your choice, you can be certain that you can get it in a timely manner as fast shipping is offered by this retailer. Therefore you will get these high quality kitchen cabinet products within four weeks.

#1 Wholesale Distributor of Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen# Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities and so much more!

We are the Savvy ones. We have mastered the art of painting our homes like the pros, updating and adding tremendous value and most importantly loving the space we have come to know as our homes. We are so very proud to open the door of our homes to family, friends and neighbors. There is great pride that comes with sharing with others that in fact “we did it ourselves” states frank lamark michael. Yes, we are the DIY generation. We have falling deeply in love with taking our visions and with our own two hands updating our homes just like the professionals. Saving countless dollars and discovering the joys that come along with doing the job ourselves. So, as you look around your home your question is what project will we take on next? As most people will admit the one room their family spends the most time in is the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is the focal point of every home and next to that is a luxurious bathroom. The kitchen is the gathering place of all gathering places within our homes. It is where everyone gathers to engage in wonderful conversation, laughter, smiles, good food and memories that truly last a lifetime. RTA Kitchen Cabinets is your most “trusted source” for absolutely any kitchen, bathroom or home update project. So, whether you are the” Savvy Do It Yourself Kind ” or a *Certified Contractor , RTA is rated the number one Wholesale Distributor of Ready-To- Assemble Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities. Whatever you can dream or envision we have the* Kitchen,* Bathroom, *Rev-A-Shelf,* Accessories, *Flooring, *Sinks and *Faucets at the absolute best price and our quality and selection is indeed second to none. RTA has been the leader in quality, affordable custom cabinets for well over ten years. We value our customer and professionals because in everything we do, we put YOU first. Your concerns and opinions, your feedback and suggestions have been a huge part of RTA’s success. When you visit RTA online you will be absolutely amazed at the quality custom cabinetry along with the shear selection. You will not find a greater selection of custom cabinetry and supplies anywhere else! Also, you can download our free *Design Ideas and Buyers Guide when you visit us online with Frank Lamark. Frank Michael Lamark and RTA is proud partners with HGTV and DIY Network and you can check out their videos on update projects and renovations featured on their quality networks also when you visit us online. With RTA we will beat any competitor’s price, this is our guarantee, always has been, always will be. We beat all competitors in price, quality, selection and customer service. With all good things RTA is cost effective with most Kitchen projects being under $2,000. Yes, under $2,000! As with all remodeling projects your homes resale value will surely increase tremendously as this is true with all home remodeling projects. You will find our products very easy to assemble, if you have a screwdriver you have the better part of what you will need. RTA guarantees quick shipping as most package designs ship within 2-4 weeks. RTAs products are solid plywood constructed, absolutely no MDF particle board. RTA’s products are *Green Earth Friendly Products, always have been and always will be. So, now is the time to create your *Dream Kitchen or Bathroom and with RTA you are sure to get the absolute best quality selection, price and guaranteed customer service. So, to all our “DIY” customers and Contractors visit us online today. Our website is packed with everything you will need to create your custom design from start to finish and be sure to check out our outstanding promotions taking place now and is user friendly. So Frank Lamark Illinois says, Happy Home Remodeling and we look forward to talking to you soon!

What are affordable kitchen cabinets says Frank Lamark

Everyone wants their kitchen to look beautiful and nice. It is the place in our home where we spend quite a bit of time and it is a gathering spot for our families. Your kitchen cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen. “Updating your kitchen cabinets can be expensive to hire someone to special build them and install them in their home.” says Frank Michael Lamark. You also don’t want cheap kitchen cabinets that are not going to last. You want to buy kitchen cabinets that will give you the most for your money and something that will hold up to years of wear. RTA kitchen cabinets are exactly what the do it yourself homeowner is looking for when you need new, quality wood cabinets at a fraction of the retail cost.RTA cabinets are very cost effective and the average kitchen will cost less than two thousand dollars. Installing new ready to assemble cabinets is a great investment, as it will increase the value of your home. Frank Lamark Illinois points out Our rta kitchen cabinets are easy to assemble and you do not need any special skills, as only a screwdriver is required for assembly!We offer a large selection of colors and styles to fit your home and decor. The discounted kitchen cabinets we offer are made of solid plywood construction, and we do not use any MDF particle board. Buying your kitchen cabinets wholesale will save you money and you can feel good that our products are carb 2 compliant. You can feel good about installing an environmentally friendly, “green” product in your home.

When your dreams are big, and budget is small, you can still get the kitchen of your dreams by purchasing your kitchen cabinets online. Frank Lamark Michael offers fast shipping, orders usually shipping in 2-4 weeks, so you can quickly make your dream kitchen a reality.





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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.