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Cabinet Installation by Frank LaMark

Filed in Kitchen Remodeling by on June 30, 2016 0 Comments • views: 725

Installing new cabinets can take some time and there are some options that can make your installation experience much easier says Frank LaMark. First, if you purchasenew cabinets there is almost always an installation manual that will illustrate exactly how the cabinets need to be properly installed and mounted.

Instructions for installing new cabinets will provide a step by step guide which will give exact measurements as well as cabinet dimentions which will help you to decide exactly where the cabinets should be placed. For example, in the kitchen only cabinets with a certain width and length can be placed in or around the sink area. Frank LaMark states,

Also, cabinet instruction manulas will tell you exactly where to drill your holes and place the nuts and bolts. Proper measurment is critical when installing new cabinets. If measurements are off by even a 1/4 of an inch it can make the cabinet installation process a nightmare.

Therefore, if you choose to install new cabinets on your own make sure you are prepared to follow the directions exactly how they are written.

Frank LaMark

Frank LaMark

Installing cabinets will take time, patience and good concentration skills.

Depending upon how much time you are able to devote to the project will ultimately determine how long it will take to complete the cabinet installation job. Cabinet installation may often require at least two persons in order to complete an orderly job.

Another option concerning cabinet installation is having someone else do the job for you. Frank LaMark says When you purchase new cabinets for a kitchen, most retailers do offer installation options at time of purchase. Therefore, you have the option of securing professional contractors to complete the job.

*Making an informed decision:

It will end up costing you more money to have a professional contractor install the cabinets however, to some people it may be well worth it in the end. Usually professional installers will work fairly quickly and efficently. In addition, you normally do not have to worry about professional contractors leaving a mess behind after they complete the job.

Finally, installing new cabinets can involve a great deaal of work. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance if you wish to secure the services of a professional to complete you new cabinet installation project states Frank Lamark.


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