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Frank LaMark – Accessorize your kitchen in 6 easy ways.

Filed in Kitchen Trends by on January 5, 2016 0 Comments • views: 1185

1. Lighting can make a big difference in a room.
Use lower-wattage bulbs to change a room’s mood.

2. It’s a good idea to check out the remnant tables at your local fabric stores.
Remnants are great for recovering cushions or banding drapes. They’re usually only 1/3 of the price.

3. Greenery is an awesome accessory.
Having plants in any room will help you feel more alive. Simple green foliage is very attractive with a striking effect to any windowsill.

4. Focus on your floors, they are just as important as your walls.
If you’re not able to completely change the surface of your floors, then opt for a quick fix, add an area rug. By making your floors stand out, your walls can only look better.

5. Storage can make your kitchen more appealing and

frank lamark

frank lamark

Living with small rooms you have two options: you can build up or build under. Tall bookshelves are a great way to accessorize and manage space. Or you can take advantage of under the counter space to clear off your countertops.

6. Fake architectural detail can change the appearance of your kitchen, so much, so fast.
This can be done easily in a variety of ways. Simply use painter’s tape, and you can paint horizontal or vertical lines, which has the effect of making the room look bigger. Another simple thing you can do is you can also make shapes like rectangles and squares, or create a box on the wall for framing out furniture, or your favorite picture. And with molding, you can give the ultimate illusion of added depth and dimension to the ordinary walls. Like using painter’s tape, you can making a small box with molding which can create a very classy look.

Changing and accessorizing your kitchen can be pretty simple and quite inexpensive if you shop around and search for the better deals. And you need not worry about it being overwhelming, because you can take your time and get your kitchen just the way you want it. After all it’s where you probably spend a good amount of your time in there, so why not make it a beautiful place that you enjoy being in.


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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.