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Frank LaMark talks about how the economy has effected the kitchen industry

Filed in Kitchen Trends by on August 31, 2015 0 Comments • views: 945

“The economy absolutely affects the kitchen cabinet industry, as cabinets is a nonobligatory item” says Frank LaMark a contributing author in the kitchen design industry. When the economy is great people are definitely more willing to purchase cabinetry as well as better quality cabinetry as they have more money for such investments. Frank LaMark also believes if the economy is strong, kitchen cabinet companies, who are executing in the following ways are thriving in today’s economy.

Frank LaMark

Frank LaMark

Kitchen companies offering items that are no available any ware else are thriving because consumers want both quality and the most they can get for their dollar. Customers want it all! Both quality cabinetry that is 100% solid wood construction and the most they can get for their dollar. This is where RTA Cabinets come into play.


RTA Cabinet is an acronym for ready to assemble. Today’s consumers are looking for items that fit their budget, their personal lifestyle, and quality. All these play into their major decisions.

Today’s customers are also researching before making their purchases. They are buying things that they love, but they are going online to research quality and price and things that matter to them Frank LaMark also is a big believer that the older consumers are now online making more purchases and the vendors that they know and love to understand and provide those kinds of items. Social media and the internet are also great influences in the rta cabinet industry. Facebook and Twitter, have made it hip and cool stretch that dollar on purchases, and to re use items in their house they already have. Regardless of the economy, people are looking to buy better quality and they are educating themselves before making decisions.  Impulse purchases are not as strong as it used to be because people are taking time to think about the  purchases they need the most. More consumers are consulting with family & friends for help with their decisions. “Customers are looking for a little urges to spend money and a slight approval so they don’t make the wrong decision.” says Frank Michael LaMark








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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.