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Frank LaMark – How to Stay Sane When Remodeling Your Kitchen!

Filed in Kitchen Trends by on January 12, 2016 0 Comments • views: 788


The idea of a home improvement project can be filled with thoughts of wonder. You can vividly see the finished product of new counters and cabinets, and the addition of updated appliances to replace the older ones. You jump in feet first without considering one large part of it all: the actual work. All of a sudden the kitchen is a huge mess. There are workers moving things out and tearing up the floor. A week or so will pass before completion and you might grow restless with all of the clanging going on. Not to mention you may not be able to use the kitchen at all during the whole process. What can be done to overcome all of this madness?

First try to stay calm. Prepare yourself before hand so that you will know everything that the project entails. Talk with the person overseeing the project and work with him to compose a list of details pertaining to the renovations. You may want to ask how long it will take. If you are doing the project on your own, the same applies. Create a list of tasks and determine how long each will take. Knowing which tasks will be worked on each day will give some direction and certainty of the length of time of when you will be able to use your new kitchen.

Rather than preoccupying your mind on when the kitchen will be complete, think of other kitchens that can meet your needs. Take this time to focus on something else–like a restaurant of friend’s place. Maybe there’s a new eatery you’ve been meaning to try or you can go over to a friend or relative’s house to eat. Now that you have the time, but sadly lack the facility, you can eat some where other than your kitchen and don’t have to spend time cooking. You can order out and not have to worry about cooking until the kitchen remodel is done.

Keep in mind that kitchen remodeling takes time. Constantly pondering how long it will take will not make the project go any faster. Before any construction begins know what you are getting into by discussing all project details with the contractor. Then you can concentrate on other things outside of your kitchen like alternative places to eat. This will cause the time to pass by without you noticing all of the work that is going on because you are focusing on other things.

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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.