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Frank LaMark Product Review Harmony Bordeaux Door Style

Filed in Reviews by on August 19, 2016 0 Comments • views: 554
Harmony Bordeaux Door Style

Frank LamarkA very popular door style that has hit the cabinetry market lately is the
Harmony Bordeaux door style. Now, what is that title telling you exactly about the door? First, let’s talk about harmony, harmony is the door style name. A harmony door is going to be a little simpler than other door styles, with clean lines. It usually has a rectangular square design inset to add a little character but not an overwhelming amount. The size of the inner rectangular design depends greatly on the company in which you purchase the cabinetry from. The harmony door style goes great with many different types of handles and pulls depending on the style of the space you are going for. You could add hardware that is a long, simple bar in nickel and it would add that modern look. However, if you went with a pull in more a brushed oil rubbed bronze color you might be turned more to the traditional style.

The next part of the Harmony Bordeaux door style to consider is Bordeaux. What exactly is that? That is exactly considered a color similar to wine, it often has a reddish tint to it, hence being similar to red wine. It is a darker tint of red that would look great with any type of counter top you may be considered for your space. If you go with a lighter counter top it will help brighten up space; however, if you go with a darker counter top it will add an edge to the space.

The Harmony Bordeaux door style is available in maple, oak, or cherry. Do me aware that depending on what wood species you go with it will affect the color of the door ever so slightly. Using cherry wood, for example, would actually make the color seem more red, considering cherry wood already has a red tint to it. Oakwood will offer some natural wood grains more so than the other types of wood into your cabinetry. This is a style choice you may or may not look depending on your taste. If you stick with maple wood for you cabinetry the color will come out relatively as you would expect with very few wood grains throughout the cabinetry.


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