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Frank LaMark ‘s 3 Tips on Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

Filed in Kitchen Trends by on July 25, 2015 0 Comments • views: 976

Remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting task, and perhaps the most complicated and expensive part of that equation is the purchase of new cabinetry.” says Frank LaMark. Buying cabinets from a traditional cabinetry store can easily cost several thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of labor and installation. RTA Cabinets provides a solution for customers who seek style, function, and value for their dollar.

Frank Lamark

Frank Lamark

Their ready to assemble cabinets make the cost of adding new kitchen cabinetry to your home an affordable, wise investment.

Georgetown provides a wide array of cost effective cabinetry that can be assembled by the customer with an ordinary screwdriver, without any special skills needed.

Enjoy a new kitchen cabinetry and forego the expense of installation fees and costs for labor. The average costs to remodel all of the cabinets in a kitchen is about $2,000. Compare that to what the average cabinetry store will charge, which is often about $20,000. RTA cabinets use the same materials that can be found in much more expensive products.

The cabinets are 100% solid plywood construction, and come in a huge array of beautiful styles and colors. Georgetown provides fast shipping (2-4 weeks) for an order. RTA products are Carb 2 complaint (meaning that they are very environmentally friendly). Since you are using a green product, you can feel good about your remodel.

Also, you will increase the value of your home! If you should ever decide to sell your house, the new cabinets will bring increased value, and a bigger payoff from the new buyer. You can feel secure in the fact that you were able to make upgrades without spending over your budget.

You can shop the website by door style . Some of the most popular that we offer are
the Espresso Shaker, Chocolate Maple Glaze, Hazelnut Glaze, and Cream Maple Glaze. Door samples are available, so you can get a feel for how the cabinetry’s color and style will look inside your home instructs Frank LaMark.

Many homeowners are looking for options in order to improve their kitchen cabinets either to sell the home or simply to update it. The beautiful, tan colored Milport Maple Shaker cabinets will brighten and enhance the look of your kitchen. These ready to assemble, or RTA cabinets, bring many tangible benefits to the home owner, including their easy assembly, great look and cost-effectiveness.

All RTA cabinets are made to be put together easily by any homeowner. They do not even require fancy equipment, just a screwdriver. If you can operate one of those, you can assemble your cabinets, adding to the cost-effectiveness and speed of the remodeling. After all, a do-it-yourself project should be easy and fun, so you can quickly enjoy the gorgeous cabinetry without much hassle.

The Milport Maple Shaker cabinets are made entirely of plywood using American maple and a natural birch interior. The full overlay doors are finely shaped to add a hint of interest and style alongside their beautiful maple coloring. The specifications of these cabinets are they are made out of 1/2 inch plywood sides and bottom, with 1/8 inch plywood backing and ¾ inch plywood shelving for strength and stability on the inside. They are even eco-friendly, with a Carbon 2 ranking. Frank LaMark Illinois states. The most important part of a kitchen remodel for a homeowner is the cost. An RTI cabinet remodel will typically cost fewer than 2,000 dollars, and can be shipped to the home in approximately two to four weeks. When trying to sell a home, new cabinets can make a huge difference for the buyer and the seller. They make the kitchen look brand-new, and look so attractive that people will want to buy the house just to have such a beautiful kitchen. Since they are highly cost effective and easy to install, the homeowner gets a great deal for only a small investment of time and money.


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