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Frank LaMark – Tackle That Tub!

Filed in Bathroom Remodeling by on January 5, 2015 0 Comments • views: 833


Ok, so we all have that one tub. You know, the one that has the dirt line, or the blackened grout. How about the lime and soap scrum deposits? I want to share with you three simple ways other than store bought cleaners, to fix this problem.Frank LaMark illinois
For those of us with a full tub, we all share one common, outlining, dirty secret. The dirt ring. Oh yes, it’s as if the devil himself put it there. My grandma taught me a little secret to vanquishing this foe. And I can bet you have these two items in your cupboard. If one where to make a paste of two parts baking soda, and one part hydrogen peroxide, you have an effective cleaning agent! Just apply the paste to the affected area, let sit for thirty minutes, and gently scrub clean. On occasion, a second application is necessary.
Grout and caulk work wonders in your bathroom. It’s easy to say that they are a nessesity for water damage prevention! When they get dirty, however, getting them clean is a near impossible task. While caulk will never really “clean”, grout can be rescued in a very easy method. By mixing equal parts water and bleach in a spray bottle, you can have your white color back. Just apply, wait fifteen minutes, and scrub. Make sure you are not Waring your good clothes, unless they need whitening, too! After a couple of treatments, you grout will begin to turn white again.
We all have those is pesky water and soap scum stains, which take long hours to clean. A common cooking item can aid this fight. Vinegar to the rescue! Simply clean the dirtied areas with white, undiluted vinegar. Then rise with cold water. For a full tubs worth of cleaning, fill your tub with hot water, and add three to four cups of the same, white vinegar to it. Allow the tub to soak for several hours. This soaking will ease the amount of work needed with a scrub brush later. With these methods, and a little elbow grease, and you won’t have to hide that tub any more!

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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.