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How to Give Your Kitchen a Holiday Makeover

Filed in Kitchen Remodeling by on June 24, 2018 • views: 156
How to Give Your Kitchen a Holiday Makeover
Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

If you enjoy decorating your home for the holiday season, then don’t forget to make changes to your kitchen. One of the first things that you should do is reorganize the cabinets to have a designated space for holiday baking and candy-making supplies. Use one cupboard to hold bags of sugar, flour and equipment to make it easier to mix up Christmas cookies or fudge in only a few minutes.

Decorate with Holiday-themed Kitchen Linens

You can make your kitchen more festive by adding holiday decor to the space. When you visit stores, you can find kitchen linens that are designed for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There are bright red, gold and green dishcloths or towels available, but you can also find an assortment of beautiful prints that include images of Christmas trees or Thanksgiving turkeys.

Use Fine Chinaware and Candles

The holiday season is the perfect time to begin using your fancy chinaware that has a gold border along with enjoying your fine silverware. If you don’t own chinaware, then buy green or gold-colored dishes and bowls to use throughout the holidays. In addition, buy red candles to put in your crystal candleholders to place on a kitchen table.

Replace Curtains and Hang Wreaths

Make a table festive by adding a holiday-themed tablecloth that is suitable for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can also add decor to the walls in a kitchen by hanging a straw wreath that has colorful fall leaves or by hanging a pine wreath wrapped with red ribbon. During the holiday season, you can replace the curtains of your kitchen window with red or green fabric.

Fill Jars With Ornaments

Fill clear glass cookie or candy jars with Christmas ornaments in colors such as green, red or gold. You can place these on the top of a kitchen’s cabinets or countertops, and the items are also perfect for using on a table. If you have knobs on your kitchen cabinets, then use colorful ribbon to hang small wreaths that will dangle over your kitchen’s countertops. by Frank LaMark

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Frank LaMark

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