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Kitchen cabinets made easy by Frank LaMark

Filed in Kitchen Remodeling by on June 24, 2016 0 Comments • views: 567

One aspect of remodeling the kitchen just became a lot easier. Upgrading the cabinets in any kitchen can be a painstaking project says Frank LaMark The old method of cabinet replacement involved a lot of time and money to get the desired effect for the customer. Most cabinets where built on site, which proved to be very expensive and time consuming. This also eliminated the design aspect for the customer. Materials for the project was often limited to what was available locally, thus reducing the the custom design aspect. All these issues and more can be eliminated with ready to assemble cabinets. Frank LaMark states, The whole project including pricing, design, materials, and installation is easily accomplished with the right assembled cabinet.
The manufactures of cabinets that are ready to install have been able to reduce the cost of their products substantially. This allows the customer to upgrade at no extra cost to the project, plus you are purchasing the product direct from the manufacturer which gets you wholesale pricing. This benefits the installer and the customer.
When dealing direct with the manufacturer, the design can be built to custom specifications. Frank LaMark brings personal preference and functionality to a whole other level, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they desire and prefer. Design is a crucial part of the project. Correct and comfortable design will ensure many years of satisfied use.
You choose what materials you want your cabinets made out of, when purchasing assembled cabinets. No longer are the materials limited to what is available locally. You can choose any wood or other material you desire.

Frank Lamark

Frank Lamark

The hardware is also an available option for your finishing touch. This makes for a total custom design if that is what is wanted.
Ready to assembled cabinets make installation a lot easier and quicker. The manufacturer gets the hard part done for you. This will save both time and money, not to mention the aggravation involved. Many manufactures also will provide installation tips and techniques that make the whole process as pain free as possible.
The ready to assemble cabinet for the kitchen remodel is the way to go. This process allows custom design with preferred materials. Frank LaMark quotes Installation is a snap with the manufacturers help and experience making the project run smoothly. All these benefits will save money and time. The future of kitchen cabinet remodeling is here.


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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry for the past 15 years.