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Top 5 Tips for Planning a Galley Kitchen

Filed in Kitchen Remodeling by on February 24, 2018 • views: 254
Top 5 Tips for Planning a Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen has two parallel work spaces that create a narrow space to work in the kitchen. They’re common in small homes and apartments that don’t have the room for a large kitchen. A galley kitchen has to be organized to work efficiently. Otherwise, it can feel cramped and cut the flow of the work space. When the galley kitchen is done well, it can be an incredibly efficient kitchen.

Assess the Space
Before planning the galley kitchen, make sure you understand what needs to happen in the space. It’s not a room that will allow dining, so you won’t be able to interact with guests in the kitchen. That’ll require you to cook quickly. Make sure the space has a good flow from the refrigerator to the sink to the stove.

Create an Illusion
If a galley kitchen isn’t your idea of a dream kitchen, you can create the illusion of more space with color choices. Light cabinets and counters will create a sleek space that won’t feel closed.

Use Stations Carefully
Each task should have its own station that allows the work to flow efficiently. There should be a cutting and prep area, a baking space and a place to have tools. A great layout can make the kitchen seem more spacious.

Practical Accessorizing
All the real estate in a galley kitchen is precious. While a basket of pine cones might make it feel more festive in the fall, it’ll take up counter space that could be used for your coffee machine. Assess the usefulness of every accessory added to the kitchen.

Galley with an Island
Instead of creating a galley with two runs, replace one with an island, which can really open up the space. It’ll help you stay more connected to the rest of the family and guests when you’re cooking. It’ll reduce the amount of cooking and prep space, but in the long run could make you happier to have others around.

A galley kitchen might not be the right solution for everyone, but it can be incredibly efficient if it’s done perfectly. By Frank LaMark

frank lamark

frank lamark

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