Partnerships = Trust

To many Real estate investors talk to much about the deal or show off how much money they made on a deal but don’t really talk to much about the journey that got them there. This is Joe and Mike (in picture with caption) a father and son dynamic duo from Virginia who I have had the honor of calling my friends and partners in 2 short term rental properties.

In picture 2 is Hendra and Marcy. This family is not only super successful in the multi family investment space owning hundreds of doors, they flew out from California to spend time with me and choose to invest in the Midwest. Without Trust and Friendship nothing is possible.

5 star review  Frank and his team are simply the best. They are professional and respectful and work hard to deliver on their promises. It is evident in everything they do that their top priority is to always create win-win situations between themselves and the seller. Highly recommend!

thumb Anna Latysheva

5 star review  Frank is highly experienced in real estate in his local area, particularly in acquisitions, short term rental operations, and remodels. He is a clear communicator, and great team player, bringing people together for opportunities where everyone can win. Frank has become my go to for any real estate needs there in his area of the Midwest!

thumb Isaac Phillips

5 star review  Frank is enjoyable to work with. He responds quickly with a positive attitude. He is innovative and creative in every transaction to find a good solution for all parties. Frank approaches challenges with confidence and solutions. He also is incredibly patient and generous to share his knowledge and abilities with anyone willing to learn.

thumb Kelly Vance

5 star review  I have had the pleasure of working with Lamco Investments, LLC several times over the past five years. Frank and his team were always professional and easy to communicate with. They are prompt and knowledgeable and have a wide array of knowledge and they work to the mutual benefit of all of the parties involved.

thumb Marilyn Durante

Providing Value and Expecting Nothing in Return.